The Cunning of Geist

065 - America's New Thought Movement and Hegel

January 15, 2023 Gregory Novak
The Cunning of Geist
065 - America's New Thought Movement and Hegel
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America went through a profound spiritual awakening in the 19th century, most commonly referred to as "New Thought."  Many leaders at this time credited Hegel  for laying the groundwork.  This episode explores several of the early developments in America, but such movements have also occurred across the globe at different times in various cultures. 

And there are many themes of this movement that echo Hegel, including:
 - There exists Infinite Intelligence, or the Absolute Idea as Hegel calls it, 
 - There is divinity or Spirit within each person, 
 - Mind and Nature are linked in Spirit,
 - Aligning your thoughts with Spirit is beneficial to oneself and the world,
 - Progress of Spirit in the world is historical. 

This New Thought movement continues today in various forms and incarnations the world over, and it has never been stronger.  And Hegel was one of its earliest pioneers.  But there is still much work to do.  This episode explores. 

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(Cont.) 065 - America's New Thought Movement and Hegel