The Cunning of Geist

060 - Bergson, Duration, Time, and Hegel

September 18, 2022 Gregory Novak
The Cunning of Geist
060 - Bergson, Duration, Time, and Hegel
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It is said that French philosopher Henri Bergson was the best known philosopher in his day during the early 20th century.  In fact, when giving a lecture in New York City, he caused the first traffic jam the city had ever seen.  

Although presently he is less prominent, there was much reason for his positive perception back then in philosophy circles. His concepts of duration, intuition, élan vital, and memory took on the established determinism of the day.  And Bergsonism is just as relevant as ever, as unfortunately naturalistic materialism remains the solidly entrenched dominant position.  

He was even one of the very few philosophers bold enough to broach the subject of comedy (Hegel also bravely ventured into this territory as well).  

All this is reviewed in the current episode.  Plus some thoughts on Bergson by my comedian daughter Jacqueline. 

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(Cont.) 060 - Bergson, Duration, Time, and Hegel